The Concept

The brand’s conception, soul and story  from the point of view of its founder and designer.

“Coming back to classics with a different touch.”

“Working in editions, not collections”

Nuria Balsas designs are elegant, plenty of style and personality, taking care about its quality and functionality, in order you can keep them forever avoiding the trends, but matching with them.

We create special pieces and analyze carefully every detail to offer you exclusive, luxurious and timeless leather goods and fine jewellery.



“The Unexpected Collection”

By NB is a new handbags brand for millennials, based in designs that follow “Nuria Balsas Concept”, but from another point of view: in By NB we are working in collections that are matching perfectly with trends, adapted to the market and using more affordable materials.

We produce simple, but very special pieces, with a trendy design and plenty of style.