Founder & Designer

Short story

“I am a spanish journalist who, unexpectedly, destiny brang to Morocco. Since the first time I arrived, I was totally in love with this beautiful country, which has given me the opportunity to discover a culture that in that moment was totally new for me.

Exploring the country and discovering all the incredible places Morocco offers, I was totally fascinated about the culture and the sublime craftmanship work that its artisans carry out. I realized how perfect are the works with leather and precious metals and, It was in that moment when, regarding my eternal love for fashion and adding all my knowledge in design (my mother is fashion designer), I decided to start this small project from Marrakech.

It’s not easy to start two brands from zero, creating and being part of everything, but , to be honest, even considering the difficulties, it’s being really exciting.

And here I am, explaining you a small part of this project and happy because you are reading this small chapter of my life.

Thanks for being here and hope you like my creations!”

The Concept


“The Concept is a responsible way to understand fashion, valuing every purchase we make, in order to have a special wardrobe background created with intelligence.”

 “I love fashion, but mostly the good investments on it. In this current fashion moment, full of flashy clothes and accesories, I am loving more and more that simple, special and exclusive pieces so far from trends and seasonal collections. Pieces with personality that can project a part of ourselves.This is The Concept I want to share with you.

Fashion is an interesting way to express yourself. For this reason, I have started a project in which I am trying to create special pieces, taking care about the style, quality and functionality.”

“As a confessed perfectionist fashion customer, I am obssesed with the things well done. For my designs and production could not be the opposite: I am always selecting the best materials, colours, thinking about their timeless use and also looking for new ways to work with them.

I think the perfection in fashion is to invest in accesories with a special touch that we can combine with everything and mix them with other trendy pieces with a more competitive price.”

Nuria Balsas

S H O P   B R A N D S