Discover “Nuria Balsas Concept”.

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“I am a spanish woman who, unexpectedly, destiny brang to Morocco. I arrived Marrakech just 2 years ago, for work and personal reasons. I was totally in love with the beauty of this country and its people kindness. Discovering the country, I had the opportunity to check how they work the leather goods and the precious metals. I was really surprised about how perfect the craftmanship work is here and, regarding all my knowledge in fashion design, because my mother was designer, I decided to start this small project from Marrakech, mixing the highest quality of moroccan materials with others from Italy, Spain and France.


I love fashion, but mostly the good investments on it. In this current fashion moment, full of flashy clothes and accesories, I am loving more and more that simple, special and exclusive pieces so far from trends and seasonal collections. Pieces with personality that can project a part of ourselves.

Fashion is one of the most interesting ways to express yourself. For this reason -and to create something different regarding my fashion point of view, I have started a project in which I am trying to create special pieces, editions and series, taking care about the style, quality and functionality, looking for the best materials,  colours and also thinking about their timeless use.

I want also to take the oportunity in this section to  say thank you so so so much to the artisans I am working with. I was spending a lot of time to find “the best of the best” professionals and, finally, without them nothing could be possible. They are authentic artists and I am learning so much about and with them.


Regarding the brand “Nuria Balsas”, the idea is to not work in collections: my main goal is to create special and classic editions, plenty of personality, in order you can keep them forever avoiding the trends, but matching with them. We use the best quality in exclusive timeless designs that, at the same time, are trendy, classic and really cool.   

This is “The Concept” I am are working in. This is “The Concept” I am trying to develope and I want to share with you. This is my personal goal to reach.


At the same time, we are developing a collection focused on millennials who love fashion: By NB. This new line is adapted to everybody, trying to create special pieces that make the difference, but with a super competitive price, adding another option to the low cost fashion market.

The materials we are using are mostly PVC and PU Leather, but the highest quality of them. We work and mix also other options in leather, clothes, plastics, textures…, always looking for the best quality, with the main goal to offer you nice accesories that are matching with trends and fashion.

I hope you like our two lines as much as we do!

Coming back to classics, but with a different touch… welcome to our small world!”

Nuria Balsas

Marrakech, 13/12/2017.