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Far from machines and factories,  NURIA BALSAS  jewellery is 100% handmade by the best artisans in Morocco. We work in silver 950 with a rodium cover (silver, rose gold or yellow gold colour) and in gold (under order). All our pieces are exclusive designs of our brand and are decorated with the best precious stones, selected very carefully to offer you the best quality and shine.



We usually work with Cyrconias, Sapphires, Rubies and Emeralds, but is possible to create for you a piece with other stone. We have also Diamonds in our workshop (visit our “Special Orders” section in this Website).


Diamond from our Workshop.

In NURIA BALSAS we were looking in advance for the “imperfectly perfect” handcrafted effect of our pieces -but  looking for the best quality and finish, with a minimalist touch-. For this reason, any jewel can be exactly the same (if you go into rigorous details, you will notice their craftsmanship), which makes them more exclusive and singular.

“When you acquire a handcrafted jewellery piece it must be special, transmit something to you and connect with. Only in this way you will always love it”. Nuria Balsas

Our “babies” are plenty of personality and are for people who value the special things, welcome them and match with, as a part of their identity.

We are sure that you can find here the special edition is perfectly matching with you and, if not, we can create it for you.


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