Scarabeo I

When there is perfection in the imperfections

 “I really believe in destiny and I think that everything happens at the precise moment in which we need it to happen in order to learn.I believe in good and evil, as well as everything that you do, good and bad, comes back to you.It is true that maybe I am a little bit mystical and that is why I have chosen the beetle as my brand symbol. The scarab is the most potent amulet you can find, which symbolizes the sun, eternal life, rebirth and transformation.  At the same time, this special beetle offered a person magical protection against the dangers of this world, as well as those of the next. And if all of this is true, I will be so proud and happy if you like, wear and value our “SCARABEO I” as much as we do”. Nuria Balsas.


By jewellery design, this exotic talisman was worn as a pendant (close to the heart) or in beautiful necklaces. We wanted to create a special fine piece, different to the others we can find everywhere, offering our little tribute to this magic luck symbol, which is surrounded by good vibrations and positive meaning.

Egypt, the sand and the special meaning of the symbol inspired us to create a fine exclusive handcrafted  jewellery piece , with a minimalist and modern finish, you can’t find anywhere else.

Creation Process

Three days are necessary to create one of our Scarabeos, which are treated carefully, individually carved by hand in Morocco and decorated with the best quality of gems.

Final Masterpiece

Our first physical baby was born on the thirteenth day of December 2017. This piece is so special for us, because it’s our first real design and, of course, the symbol of our brand.

After value different tests to improve it, we have got our perfect SCARABEO I master piece “ready for the show” and we are totally in love with “him”: can’t be more exotic.