Timeless and elegant with a vintage touch

Her structured pure lines makes her look like a simple design easy to look at, but the truth is that she has a very rigorous and dedicated elaboration process: it takes us three accurated days to create one of our girls, handcrafted carefully, one by one, by the best artisans and working always with the best hardware and leather’s quality.

“ALIA was born physically on the thirteenth day of February 2018. She is, for me, “the perfect bag”: I was looking for a minimalist design with a vintage touch, but modern at the same time. In my opinion, ALIA can match with all kind of outfits and styles: it’s classy, but the perfect one to mix and match adding a very nice touch to your fashion combinations!” Nuria Balsas

The form and bands of the lid are a symbol of Nuria Balsas brand, properly registered due to the absence of a design like this one in the fashion market.

We are very proud to introduce you “Nuria Balsas” first exclusive handbag design. We can’t live without her.

 C O M I N G   S O O N !

We are improving the design and Alia will be available shortly in our catalogue: stay tuned and follow our news thru social media!